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A security driver who knows you and understands your life objectives is someone you can trust and rely on if you travel across the world regularly. Clients are most susceptible when traveling, according to experience in the protection sector. Your security driver may also serve as a close protection officer on occasion (when driving is not required).

You’ll learn if protected driving is a skill or a talent, why experience counts, and how a private security driver may make all the difference in this article.


A professional security driver has a natural ability to drive well. Aside from being capable of learning to drive in regular conditions, this high-risk vocation requires special advanced abilities. He or she will:

  • Is a security trained professional with a good history and in virtually all circumstances a qualified close protection officer.
  • Can drive a car incredibly effectively in a variety of situations. Driving at fast speeds, low-profile driving, offroad driving, and driving cautiously and aggressively are all examples of tactical driving skills.
  • Is familiar with the car you drive. This implies he or she understands its technical capabilities and limitations, as well as how to continue (if feasible) in the event of a problem.
  • Knows how to conduct a safety search of the vehicle, including looking for tracking devices and explosives.
  • Is able to detect unlawful or suspicious behavior early enough to avert incidents.
  • Knows the most secure paths to your goal. This includes a pre-trip evaluation as well as remembering alternate routes and safe havens.
  • Throughout the ride, anticipates surroundings, analyses traffic, and profiles other road users.
  • Knows what to bring in the car, such as video cameras, bulletproof jackets, extra water, and medical supplies.
  • Before first responders come, knows how to call authorities and medics, as well as resuscitate and offer first aid.


In most circumstances, a security driver cannot also serve as your bodyguard. This is especially true while traveling in high-risk situations. If you want to be safe, hire a private security driver (also known as a bodyguard driver).

  • Have you been threatened with kidnapping, assault, or an attack?
  • Have you been blackmailed or received threats to be blackmailed?
  • Do you need to travel through or be in regions with high-criminal activity?
  • Do you need to travel through or be in hostile environments? (e.g. artist, singer, TV-host, CEO, politician, etc.)

If you find yourself in one of the situations listed above, we recommend speaking with a protective agency about your circumstance. A combination of security services and a team of close protection officers may execute a plan of action to keep you secure at all times after thoroughly analyzing your circumstances.


Someone who has known you for a long time is familiar with your circumstance. You are not required to repeatedly describe your specific circumstances and choices. It will serve to provide information about a forthcoming trip. He or she can better prepare for the approaching journey, plan routes ahead of time, and respond than a stranger.

Infinite Risks International can provide a dependable, qualified security driver wherever you are in the world. We have expertise defending our customers all around the world as a protection agency established in the Netherlands. We are not limited to our own nation or Europe. Our loyal clientele believe they can trust us because of the unique services we give. Due to our highly experienced and former government staff, we take delight in receiving follow-up inquiries.

A simple phone call will enough to establish up a personal service, regardless of your location, once we have gotten to know you, your company, personnel, and family members. We follow you everywhere you go.