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How To Make Good Instagram Business Account

Instagram’s popularity is amazing. One problem with Instagram, which boasts over 1 billion users, is that your posts will not be found by people who are interested.

It’s no longer a matter of just adding hashtags to posts. It’s becoming a science. You need a strategy.

These are my top Instagram tips for businesses.


Give your posts a unique look

Instagram is a visual platform. Make it work for you! Your posts will be instantly identifiable if you use the same signature filter as well as the same style of photography.

Try to reflect your brand’s visual identity whenever possible – using the same colors, fonts, and image style as your website to ensure consistency across all communication channels.

Layout and angles are important

Instagram Layout (for iPhone and Android), is great for creating beautiful montages. Canva, a free tool that you can use to create cool Instagram Stories, is great.

Communicate clearly what you are doing

Create a profile. Make sure you have a great profile picture, that your Instagram handle conveys your passion, and include the URL to your website.

A good bio is essential. Be authentic and not too corporate. Include key phrases that can help people find the type of service or product you offer.

Use hashtags with care

To encourage more followers, I recommend using a few hashtags. You could use this example:

#L4L is short for ‘like for love’. It means that if you like my posts, I will reciprocate by liking them.

#followme and #followme are clear and transparent requests

Instagram’s signposts are Hashtags

Hashtags allow people to navigate millions of posts to find the relevant and most interesting for them. Research shows that 10+ hashtags are good. However, don’t use too many – it can look spammy and you should stick to fewer.

It is worth looking at Instagram accounts that are successful, particularly those with a lot of traffic. You can learn from their use of hashtags and adapt what they do for your purposes. You should ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your business and the audience that you are trying reach.

Although you may not be able to find the right hashtags immediately, you will have instant access to a engaged audience if they are popular and relevant to your business. Virtual forums have been created around some hashtags – these are niche communities that are interested in your business.

Hashtags can look messy

Keep them at the bottom of your post to keep things neat. You can also keep your post tidy and put them in the first comment.

Make your life easier!

You can save common hashtags to your business on your phone using the standard notes app (most phones have one). It makes it much easier to prepare and publish your hashtags consistently every time.

Use your hashtags to brand you

Include your brand name in the hashtags. Use 4-5 core hashtags to describe your business.

Get active

You won’t get much by liking random posts. If you do your research, likes can work for your business.

Check out what your competition is doing on Instagram. And, most importantly, see who comments on their posts. These are your target market. It makes sense to follow and engage with them.

You’ll be able to create an audience that is interested in your business and start building it.

Caption your videos and images

Add a little personality to your profile. This does not mean that you should post a photo of your dinner tonight. Each post should be relevant and valuable to your business. Think about the comments you could add to encourage others to share and like your post. Growth is possible quickly if your followers feel that they have something to lose by following you.

Use landing pages and links

You are likely using Instagram posts to get followers to do something, such as read your blog, find your ebook, enter a contest, or sign up for your email newsletter.

No matter what you do, ensure that you have a landing page which will encourage visitors to take the necessary actions.

There are ways to get around the limitation of only posting one link in your bio. Linktree is a tool that you can use to create a bio link and send your followers where you want them to.

Keep track of what is working

Google Analytics can show you how much traffic and conversions you are getting from Instagram. Instagram Insights is available to Instagram Business Account holders. This shows you how effective your posts have been.

Other tools to be considered are Socialbakers and Sprout Social.

Share your love

Your engagement with your Instagram community is key to Instagram’s growth. It is worth adding tags to business associates, industry associations, membership organizations, and accounts that you wish to nurture.

It is crucial to control quality

Your photos should look great. Edit them and remove any photos that look blurred or poor because of camera shake. For ease of posting, keep things simple by shooting directly from your smartphone.

Find the top movers and shakers of your local area

Find out who is influential in your niche market using Instagram. To improve your Instagram visibility, explore how you could collaborate with them .

Ask for a reply

Instagram can be seen as a dialogue between two people. Ask your followers to reply to your posts. Naturally, you will need to reply to comments. It’s about active engagement and not passive following.

Use scheduling tools

There are many options, but I recommend Hootsuite Buffer Sked social, Later. Each one has its pros and cons so you have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Increase visibility with Instagram ads

Instagram advertising works really well for businesses. It doesn’t matter how small your marketing budget is, it’s worth trying to see what results you can get for your business.

There are four options available – from a single image to a short video of 60 seconds, and you have the option to use banners to call your customers to take action. It’s easy to get started advertising.

Plan your posts

It is a good idea to plan your Instagram activities, just like a blog. You can create a three-month content plan that covers all social media platforms. Then, allocate time for curating images, captions, and hashtags.


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