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Many people have trouble finding storage space in their bedrooms, especially if they choose a larger bed. There are many beds that offer storage solutions. We often get asked the question, “What is an ottoman mattress?”

What is an ottoman mattress?

An ottoman bed is one that has an integrated storage system. It lifts the base using hydraulics to reveal the storage space beneath.

Ottoman beds have a greater storage capacity than drawer or divan beds because they take up all of the space underneath the bed. They are great for those who have limited space or need to store bulkier, larger items than a bed with a divan.

Reinforced Beds can provide an Ottoman bed frame by Hugo & Sons with the right balance of style, durability, and support. We have side and end-lift designs to fit any room.

We’ll continue to explore the question of what an ottoman bed is and dive into the many benefits you can enjoy from this type of bed.

What are the benefits to an ottoman bed?

Many people choose either an ottoman or divan bed when it comes to storage beds. Ottoman beds offer unique benefits that are not available elsewhere, even though they can be useful in their own ways.

Ottoman beds are versatile and can be used in many different spaces.

One of the biggest problems people face is a lack of bedroom space. This means that how we use our storage space is increasingly important. An ottoman bed is a great option for different room sizes.

First, ottoman beds can be lifted from either the side or foot. This makes them easier to access depending on your needs. Because the ottoman beds can be used in all areas of the base, they are ideal for guest rooms, box rooms and loft rooms. They provide a place to store pillows, bedding, and bulkier items. This is a great way to reduce the need for extra furniture you don’t have.

It is suitable for many types of mattresses

Ottoman beds can be made to work with any mattress . You will get a firmer feeling depending on which design you choose – whether it’s a hardtop or slatted base – Combining your favorite mattress type with it will give you the perfect combination.

Ottoman beds are very durable

An ottoman bed is built to be extremely sturdy, especially with the entire bottom forming the storage area. We believe in making durable and long-lasting products so we use thicker MDF for the base of our ottoman beds. This ensures that they are strong and stable.

To ensure that the mattress stays in place, we also use an anti-slip material and a reinforced wooden lid with each bed.

Which ottoman bed is best?

No matter what type of ottoman bed you choose, all use hydraulics to make it easy to open or close. The hydraulics control the lift speed and safety. Once the bed is up it stays up until you close it. This ensures safe access to the storage beneath.

You can also split ottoman beds into foot and side openings, which have different benefits and variations.

Foot-end opening beds are exactly what they sound like. They open from the bottom, which is great for people who need to maximize the storage space they have. Two types of foot-end opening beds are available: a full ottoman or a half ottoman.

Half ottomans tend to take up the majority of the space in the base. Full ottomans have drawers that are similar to a divan, but offer more storage.

Side-opening ottoman beds can be more practical for those with smaller rooms who may not have the ability to reach the bed from one side. They can be more easily opened from the sides, so they are easier to access. You can also choose which side it opens from.

Are ottoman beds sturdy?

Although the ottoman bed’s nature might make you think it isn’t sturdy, this is often the case. Ottoman beds are strong by their design. They have a solid base and integrated hydraulics.

Reinforced Beds is a specialist in heavy-duty beds. Our ottomans are no exception. Because of the innovative materials and technologies we use, our reinforced beds offer a long-lasting and tough alternative to regular beds.

The heavy-duty ottoman beds we make are solid MDF with a sprung hinge system to support our hydraulics. These are our strongest storage beds, and you will see why when you add in strong gas arms and reinforced bases.

What mattress is the best for an ottoman-style bed?

A reinforced, heavy-duty ottoman mattress is a great option. It can be used with any heavy-duty mattress to give you complete control over your sleeping arrangements.

There are many ottoman bed frames to fit all types of mattresses. Our reinforced beds can include durable, welded mesh support to provide a stronger alternative to the traditional slatted base.

What is the difference between an ottoman and divan bed?

We are often asked what an ottoman bed is and what a divan bed. This is especially common for those who are researching storage beds. Although it’s easy for people to confuse the two, there is a simple way of telling the difference.

It all comes down to how much storage they provide. An ottoman doesn’t lift the same way as a divan bed, but it does have several drawers built into its base.

Although this may be a useful space saver, it’s not practical for heavier items like duvets and thicker bedding. An ottoman is better.

You might be unsure which heavy-duty storage bed to buy if you are looking to purchase one. Consider these three things: How much storage do I need? How accessible do I need it to be? What size would best suit my room layout?