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Popular Mistakes That People Make While Cleaning Their Sex Toys

Washing the dishes and putting the dishwasher in order are two examples of how cleaning sex toys can be a useful skill. Cleaning sex toys can become intimate with the genital area (an area that is worth cleaning), and there are many mistakes to be made when washing them. These mistakes can result in a very yeasty experience. It’s crucial to be clear about the best ways to do it. It all starts with committing to cleaning your sex toys.

Rebecca Alvarez Story is a sexologist and founder at Bloomi. She says that male sucking toys should be cleaned after every use to prevent bacteria accumulation. You can wash sex toys made from 100 percent medical-grade silicone, stainless steel or glass with warm water and mild, unscented soap. Allow them to air dry on a flat surface, then place them in a bag or clean counter at night. Be sure to wash your toys after each use.

These are only 101-level elements to keep in mind when cleaning sex toys. To extend their life expectancy, prevent damage and protect your genitals, here are some things you need to remember when cleaning sex toys.

1. Cleaning your toy after it arrives is not a good idea.

You might be thinking “Oh, well, I don’t need to wash that, it’s completely untouched, so it must still be safe!” The truth is, I was thinking the same thing about a Bart Simpson sweater that I purchased last February. After wearing it once, I got full-body hives. It only affected my skin externally, which is a blessing. What about a sextoy? It’s impossible to guarantee so much.

Story states that sex toys should be washed thoroughly with mild soap and hotwater after being removed from the packaging. After drying, let it dry on a clean surface. It’s normal to expect that sex toys will have bacteria or dust even though they are brand new.

2. Before you clean your toy, make sure it is waterproof and water-resistant.

Many sex toys can be waterproof. Make sure to check that your toy is safe for submerging before you bring it in the tub.

If it isn’t, water could leak through and cause damage to electrical and battery components. Sadie Allison is a sex educator who co-founded GoLove CBD oil lubricant.

3. Don’t dry your toys properly

“Failing to dry your toys thoroughly before storing could cause damage,” warns Alexandra Fine , a sexologist and CEO of Dame Products CEO. She also advises against using towels that have any type of debris. This could leave particles on the toy.

4. Use scented soaps, household cleaner products, or bleach

Fine says that toys could come back in contact with your anus or vagina, which are both very absorbent parts of the body. Scents can cause irritations and yeast infections so don’t just throw any household scented soap on these.

Dr. Allison warns that household cleaners not designed for sex toys could cause damage. She suggests that you use warm water, anti-bacterial soap, and/or sex toy cleaners.

5. You would clean a porous toy in the same way as you would hard toys.

It’s a bad idea to clean porous materials like latex, jelly, rubber or real-skin material as you would with a non-porous sex toys. Porous toys are not recommended for reckless play. Protecting your toy is the best way to play if you are truly committed.

Dr. Allison says that if you have a porous pet, it is best to use condoms on it all the time. This will keep your toy clean and safe.

6. It can be put in your old, dusty goody drawer

Because your drawers can be a strong place for bacteria to grow. You don’t have to hide your pleasure. I encourage people to keep their favorite sex toys front and center on their nightstand. Story says it sends a message that you value pleasure and reminds you to have sex. If you have to keep them in a messy place, She advises, “Make sure to place your toy first in a waterproof wetbag.”