Ultimate Guide For Rise of Kingdoms Game

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game that we’ve seen so often on mobile phones. However, its mechanics and endless hours of entertainment have allowed it to gain a lot of popularity. This article will provide the Rise of Kingdoms ultimate guide.

This video game is unique in that it offers all the best features of its genre: a variety of ways to build your town, many troops and military units to fight against other armies, distinguished commanders you can unlock, and an excellent real-time combat system.

It is easy to compare it to other games of this genre of strategy in real-time, like Guns of Glory and King of Avalon. The combat is resolved automatically based upon the parameters of the armies fighting at the moment.

Rise of Kingdoms will require best heroes in RAID for you to not only have an army to fight but you must also be skilled with the gameplay as well as the mechanics of this strategy video game.

It may be easier to master the game if you’ve played similar games. Do not be ashamed, Rise of Kingdoms will destroy you unless you learn the most important aspects of the game.

This article will help you to get started the mobile game for smartphones.

  • Five keys to quickly move in Rise of Kingdoms, even if you’re just starting out
  • Kingdom power: The kingdom’s power is essential and could be described as the key to your progress. Priority must be given to the following development areas: buildings, academy and commanders, as well as troops. Always in this order. Your power dies when troops die. Instead of focusing on what is most durable over time, think about what you can do to keep it that way.
  • Resources – In the beginning of the game, you’ll need to concentrate on buildings that give you resources. You will need to farm your troops once you have them. Realistically, farming with troops will be more profitable than producing them. However, once you have troops that are able to loot, it is important to concentrate on building resource buildings.
    alliance – We recommend you have an alliance. Why is this so important? It is a great way to obtain red gems and a lot of help. You will also be able to speed up the construction of the kingdom, and the investigation thereof. Additionally, you will get reinforcements when you require them. You should make sure that it is a good alliance.
  • Daily goals are basic daily tasks that you must complete every day. You can earn gold keys, gems and magic boxes as well as sculptures, silver keys and tomes of knowledge. You can only imagine how many rewards you’ll lose if you don’t complete a few missions each day.
  • Expedition Mode: You will need to complete all expeditions you can, and those with three stars. These are the most important. They are also one of the most effective ways to obtain sculptures.

These five basic keys will help you master the game. But let’s get into some more tips to help you make the right decision about which commander to purchase to build your kingdom and fight other players.

Rise of Kingdoms top commanders

We will make a small list of the top commanders you’ll find in Rise of Kingdoms. We will first distinguish you by rarities, since all of them have them. We will then group them together and give you a summary of each commander. This is part of the guide to the rise of kingdoms.

  • Legendary Rearity: Julius Caesar. El Cid. Richard I. Cao Cao. Frederick I. Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Yi Seong-Gye. Cleopatra VII. Charles Martel. Also Hannibal Barca
  • Epic Rarity Eulji Mundeok Lohar Joan of Arc Hermann, Pelaguis Sun Tzu, Scipio Africanus Kusunoki Masashige and also Boudica
  • Elite Rarity – Sarka, Lancelot and Tomoe Gozen, Gaius Marius and also Constance
  • Advanced Rarity : Markswoman and Dragon Lancer, City Keeper and also Centurion


Hermann is an incredible commander, and without doubt he’s one of the best to defend your kingdom in the game. He will defend your kingdom well so don’t hesitate to let him do the job. This is the best defense option.


Scipio, another epic level commander, is a great option if you don’t have any money (free play) to invest in the game. You will find some great combos to use against other kingdoms. In particular, it can be used with Boudica or Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc can also be an epic commander. If you combine her with Scipio (as we have already said), you’ll get one of our favorite combos (free play) in Rise of Kingdoms. Joan of Arc is a support commander that heals and helps troops. This is what makes Joan of Arc stand out.


Pelagius is an Epic level commander. His goal is to get troops for your army who are cavalry. This should be your only option. You can win in any situation, whether you’re attacking or defending.


We have already mentioned Boudica as part of the Scipion combo. If you don’t have either, try the other. It is a combination of passives that can be used to win fights.

Hannibal barca

Hannibal Barca, a commander who is more focused on PvP than the player against player, is Hannibal Barca. It is easy to create synergies with him. If you want to win battles with the army, he is a must-have.


Cleopatra can be a great commander if you are in a situation where you only want to gather resources. Get it out and begin earning resources.

Rise of Kingdoms available for free

You can still download it if you don’t have it yet, but you may be interested in it because you liked what you read. Click the link we have left just above to get it for free. You can enjoy it on your Android smartphone, whether you’re on the train or at a beach. It’s a great way to enjoy unique moments.